We believe in our artists and think they are capable of great things. The only rule for creative endeavor should be "make something amazing!"

We believe in patience and that truly great art always finds an audience. We constantly push our artists to get better at what they do, while pushing ourselves as well.

We believe in telling people about art in a manner that lets them feel like they discovered it themselves.

We believe artists should care about their fans, and celebrate them.

We believe artists should make their own decisions, and it's our job to give them accurate information.

We believe in getting the details right, allowing our artists the time and resources to deal with the important things.

We believe the fairest answer is almost always the right answer.

We believe life is too short to surround yourself with assholes.

Punkdafunk is a full-service boutique management company.

Cut Copy (Photo by Misha Vladimirskiy) / Sofi Tukker (Photo by Mike Greene)

Cut Copy (Photo by Misha Vladimirskiy) / Sofi Tukker (Photo by Mike Greene)